Soccer Extras

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Soccer Team

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Austrian Ski Week: Ski Amade

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We spent the first week of the year skiing with Punkin’s school in Austria. The tour was organized by Siegi Tours. They put together a fantastic itinerary with arts, culture, sport, food, and of course lots of skiing. Here are some … Continue reading

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Legoland Deutchsland

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To borrow from SNL’s Deiter of SNL fame: ‘I love Legos they are like a thousand toys in one.’ So for my 40th b-day we stopped by the local Legoland. For my friends who speak American, you should know that we have … Continue reading

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She Had a Birthday

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The kid that everyone likes… or I think everyone likes her because more people have become my friend since she came around… had a birthday. Here are the pics.

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Daily Walks

We go on a couple of walks each day. This is because we didn’t understand how Germans live with their dogs. In the US & A a dog owner can get away with keeping the dog in the back yard. It may be morally repulsive to dog owners, but if the dog is small enough and the yard is big enough, it can work OK.

In Germany it is unacceptable to just let the dog ‘go’ in the back yard. The liquid deposits are fine, but the solids are not acceptable. One doesn’t just leave one’s dog in one’s own back yard. One takes the dog on walks. A couple of walks. Every day.

I didn’t understand this when I rented a house that allows dogs. I thought I could leave the dog alone in the yard and then clean up daily. But the owner has made it clear (in her gentle way) that it is not acceptable to leave the dog unattended in the back yard. The dog has learned that he doesn’t have to go #2 unless he’s on a leash on patrol. So we accomodate both the owner and the dog. Frankly it’s good for us.

Because of this we see lots of the local countryside. We walk through parks, orchards, pastures, the town square… and these are pictures from these adventures.


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News & New Pictures

It continues to be a lovely spring. We’re settling into life’s rhythm. Cosette is in an International School, so she won’t get Memorial Day off, so I’m working that day too. She will get a couple of who-knows-why German holidays later in the week. I plan on ducking out of work during those.

We’ve added some pictures, so we’ll see if we can attach them to this post.

We miss you. Come visit us.

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